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The Big Freeze Poster

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

Since these photos were going to be used for a poster to promote their Christmas spectacular, The Big Freeze, I had kept in mind that the concept was based around a whole playful “Brady Bunch” theme. In the end, the solo shots were more important than the group shots.


these two…


the ridiculously amazing poster design of Mr. Ben Cheaves of Mary’s


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The Big Freeze Poster Photoshoot

Sunday, November 29th, 2009

Vagina Jenkins and Johnny Drago

Just finished photographing my friend John Drago, brilliant writer and 1/2 blog brains behind Breeder’s Digest, and the lovely Vagina Jenkins, Atlanta based burlesque dancer, for their upcoming christmas show. It’s really always a pleasure to work with and photograph such lively characters. Personally, I like to sit back and let my subjects act out in front the camera. I’m not really into ordering people around or telling them what to do for the photograph. I’d rather capture something a little more natural, appropriately expressive.

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