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Monday, March 15th, 2010

Ok woah. Using a party as an excuse to take photographs, while perhaps not the most original concept in the world, has been my best idea thusfar in 2010. Two friends of mine, Millie and Sonji has asked my boyfriend and I to host a party at our house on Friday night. Someone had the idea that they had always wanted to throw or have a party that was super crazy, super fun, and located in a basement. I had never seen this video prior to this discussion, but basically they wanted to re-create this Sean Paul video for the song “Get Busy.” After a lot of preparation and clean up, we were totally able to set up a party that came pretty damn close.

I thought it would be awesome to capture some party pics along the way and decided that I’d rather set up a little photo area where people could walk over while they were drunk and get their picture taken. Since we had to keep it close to the theme, Millie and I traveled down to Five Points in Atlanta during our lunch break in search of a large Jamaican flag to use as a backdrop for the photoshoot. Magically, we stumbled upon the Emerald City of Jamaican good in the basement of an inside mall where we found the flag and the most AMAZING shoes ever, which I might have to back and purchase when I’m not so broke. They were basically these adorable knitted shoes in the shape of clarks with rasta stripes around them. The closest thing I could find on the internet was this pair:

Long story short, lots of people came and the photoshoot was AMAZING and so much fun. Hopefully, we’ll be able to host another party like this again, and more photo fun will be had!


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