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Les Nouvelle Shoot #1

Friday, March 12th, 2010

(c)2010 keith grieger. one of my favorite shots of the day

On Saturday I was lucky enough to work with the wonderful women of Les Nouvelle and collaborate on a photoshoot for some of their upcoming Spring looks. God, I cannot wait for Spring. It as it turns out, it was the perfect day for the photoshoot and I was actually able to wear a short sleeve shirt outside. Hopefully, this is an omen for the brighter, lighter day to come. More images are on their way. During the entire shoot, I kept picking up and putting on these tortoise shell ray ban-type glasses (as seen in the photo above) that the girls had and taking them off by the time was model was re-dress and I had to shoot the next look. Cut to Sunday when I drove around to two different Urban Outfitters (the supposed source of purchase) in the Atlanta Metro area and was totally unable to find them. I know I could try to find them online and order them, but it’s just not the same without that instant satisfaction. If I’m bound to have them, I’m sure the universe will send them to me eventually.

maybe one day…

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